+ Stretch

All levels - 60 minutes
Everyone knows that flexibility is a must in ballet but it also is in your everyday life! With dynamic and static stretching exercises taught by an expert in the matter, our stretch class will help with your posture, help eliminate back aches, straighten your spine and improve your movement amplitude, whether it's to tie your shoes without sitting or to lift your leg up to the ceiling while dancing!

+ Floor barre

All levels - 60 minutes
Floor barre is simply the barre... on the floor!You'll be able to work on your technique, strength and flexibility from a different angle, in a soothing musical flow. Burning muscles, elongated body and calm mind: it doesn't get better than that!

+ Corps de ballet

All levels - 60 minutes
This barre workout class is perfect for you if you want to strengthen and tone your body, get leaner, longer, muscles and maybe even achieve that split you've always wanted to do! We move through a flow that uses ballet movements to improve your strength (work those abs!), flexibility and cardio. You want to get the ballerina strength without the headache? Corps de ballet is for you!

+ Sans chichis

Beginner - 75 minutes
Or "hassle-free" if you prefer! Our signature class is a workout inspired by ballet, including a warm-up, strength training and flexibility. We also polish our technique at the barre for a little bit - but nothing too complicated! This class is perfect to start and is known to be pretty casual and fun.

+ Petite technique

Beginner - 75 minutes
This is your "seen-in-the-movies", "dreamed-of since I was young" technical ballet class. We warm up, we take on a full-length barre, we move towards the center and really dance. We end class with a fun diagonal and reverence just for fun. This class is beginner level, perfect for those who are starting out, or if you'd like to review your basics.

+ Moyenne technique

Intermediate - 75 minutes
This intermediate class develops your dance, musicality and interpretation skills. We spend more time in the center, we'll make jumps, adages and allegros more complex but we'll have enough time to really explain new movements and steps!

+ Presque Grande technique

Advanced - 90 minutes
In this inter-advanced class we increase the difficulty level of the exercises at the barre as well as speed up the explanations so we can dance even more! We assume that you already know every barre exercise, classic routines, most jumps and pirouettes. We have longer adages, quicker allegros and clever grand allegros in diagonal. Nothing better than a challenge to feel like you're really dancing! Also, for the brave ones, this class can be taken on pointe.

+ Contemporary

All levels - 75 minutes
Our contemporary is great for beginners and intermediates. We start by technical exercises on the floor, in the center and/or at the barre, followed by a choreography that we'll keep for 2-3 weeks, perfect to express ourselves and get that modern dancing going!

+ Choreography

All levels - 75 minutes
Our choreography class is pure fun. Every week, we learn a new choreography and we try a different style, just for the sake of it! No prerequisites, no pressure and of course, no end-of-year show! You'll still see benefits: memorization, coordination, balance... and it's the perfect occasion to try all the ballet moves you learned in class!

+ Pointework

Beginner & intermediate - 45 minutes
Have you always dreamed of putting on the mythical shoes so you could pirouette like there's no tomorrow? Well, the time has come! With a smaller group of students, and under the careful supervision of the teacher, you'll start by simply going on-pointe, then start moving on them and using them as extensions of your own feet. For this class, you need to purchase pointe shoes and to sew them before class! All the details here.

+ Yoga confo

Beginner - 75 minutes
Our super-soft yoga class takes care of your mind and soul. Come breathe away your worries with a heavy blanket, eye pillows and candles. Hatha/yin.

+ Yoga Hop!

All levels, 75 minutes
Something you probably didn't know: ballet and yoga are best buddies. This energizing yoga class will challenge your body and soothe your mind. In this class, we sweat, we breathe, we relax, we stretch and we become a little better every time. Hatha flow/vinyasa.

+ Teen classes

La préparatoire (11-14 y/o) - 90 minutes
At the teens' barre, it's a full blast: we go through 7-8 barre exercises and we start adding port de bras and appropriate port de têtes. In the centre, we work on on pirouettes, adages, allegro, big jumps, turns, pas de valse, pas de bourrée... Your teen will become very versatile and knowledgeable of all the ballet vocabulary that's meant for their age group. Finally, we also learn how to stretch on our own.

+ Kids classes

La récré (4-6 y/o and 3 y/o who can't wait) - 60 minutes
This class is an introduction to movement, class discipline and recognition of the body into space. Embedded in games and dancing fun, we'll see technical notions: pliés, tendus, bourrées, chaînés... (and of course, we'll dance just like in the movie Ballerina). A fun class that develops imagination and creativity and sets the grounds for ballet.

Les pirouetteuses (7-10 y/o) - 60 minutes
We get to the barre for the first time! All basic barre exercises will be seen through the course of a semester, in a fun and non-competitive way. We'll start dancing in the middle, work on ankle and feet strength, small jumps and turns. We focus on memorization, flexibility and technique.